Calvaire, a Crucifix Statue

Corbec Inc.

Artistically the neutral and natural monotone of the zinc coating works beautifully.

The French word calvaire translates directly to English as "Calvary," the hill outside the gates of Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified. However, in French calvaire has a second meaning – a horrible ordeal. These two meanings combined were the reasoning behind the naming of this crucifix statue Calvaire.

In the almost entirely secular society of today's Canada, it is noteworthy when a religious item passes through one of our galvanizing baths. Built to actual scale and made primarily of round bar stock, the sculpture has an intense humanity in its simplicity. Apart from the great significance of Jesus and all he represents even 2,000 years later; this artwork tells us on that cross was also a flesh and blood man.

The decision to galvanize was both artistic and practical. The long-lasting durability and low cost of hot-dip galvanizing was ideal as the tightly spaced bars precluded any possibility of fully painting every surface of the statue. Artistically the neutral and natural monotone of the zinc coating works beautifully, no colors or details to distract from the stark image of the real humanity of the tragic event it depicts.

Erected in the small St-Redempteur cemetery in Gatineau across the Ottawa River from the capital of Canada, this crucifix will remind those reflecting on lost loved ones their shared faith derives from not only God but also his very human son.

This project was powered by a CIC Pittsburgh Galvanizing furnace.