Burner Tune-Ups

Why is burner tuning so important? This is a video of a high-velocity burner, looking through the sight port.  It starts out with an optimal, crisp, blue flame. We then show what happens when the fuel gas adjustment valve is gradually opened, causing the burner to fire richer (excess fuel).  You can actually see the fuel being wasted.

Notice that some yellow and orange starts to mix in with the blue. The crispness of the flame starts to soften as the air and gas are not mixing as well. Eventually, you start to see black smoke in the flame. This progression shows the deterioration of the combustion setup.

If your burner combustion looks like this, your operating costs are more expensive, your furnace productivity is reduced, and you may be releasing dangerous CO into the work area.

If you need help or are unsure about your burners, contact CIC Pittsburgh to schedule a service visit and combustion system tune-up.