Cage Free Chicken Building

V&S Columbus Galvanizing

A 21-month project required constant communication with both Nucor and the galvanizer to make this project a success.

Nucor Building Systems and Henning Companies worked together to build a 1350-ton Chicken Layer Facility. The building is state-of-the-art cage free and conventional pullet and layer barns with an inline breaking facility. The Chicken Layer Facility produces and processes liquid egg products. The egg breaking plant processes multiple cases of eggs per hour/per day, a complete feed mill and feed delivery system, and building that house over a few million laying hens.

The facility adheres to stringent food safety protocols and follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in the egg processing facility ensuring their products are fresh, safe, and reliable. They provide the very best care for the hens, buy grain from local Iowa farmers to produce their own feed. They care for the hens when producing eggs, they inspect, break, and process each egg onsite.

A three-phase, 21-month project which required the galvanizer to work closely with Nucor Building Systems coordinating to meet the scheduling demands of a 1350-ton project. The sales team along with the Operations Manager / Plant Manager met their galvanized timelines, at times expediting material for on-time deliveries. Thanks to constant communication, the 21-month projects was a success, and will lead to more projects in the future.

This project was powered by CIC Pittsburgh Galvanizing furnace technology.