Newark Liberty Airport Canopy

V&S Delaware Galvanizing

"Unprecedented in its magnitude and potential impact, Port Authority's transformation of Terminal A will result in a space that is quintessentially New Jersey," said New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy.

In 2019, Newark Liberty Airport hosted more than 46 million passengers; however, the busiest terminal in the airport, Terminal A, was outdated and in need of renovation. In September 2021, the airport began a renovation to update Terminal A with 33 gates – 20% larger than the prior terminal.

The newly updated terminal will offer more traffic lanes at drop-off and pick-up points, closer check-in counters and security areas, and more gate flexibility to allow planes to park at any gate. These upgrades are not only vital for maintaining modern day amenities, but also because the previous 50-year-old terminal was deteriorating.

The two canopies for Terminal A were hot-dip galvanized and painted, to create modern looking, spacious pedestrian canopies, which are a beautiful duplex system. There was much communication between the galvanizer, fabricators, painter, and general contractor. Many of the pieces were intricate shapes and sizes and required extra attention to design proper ventilation. Due to the intricate shape of some of the plate girders, loading for shipment was a concern to uphold proper quality of the paint finish. After galvanizing was complete, the galvanizer, painter, and fabricator communicated on every load to complete a true team effort and a pristine duplex finish.

The Canopy is often the first impression passengers have of the “new” Terminal A at Newark Liberty Airport. Thanks to the durability of the hot-dip galvanized steel and added aesthetic of the duplex coating, the canopy will provide a warm welcome to air travels well into the future.

This project was powered by a CIC Pittsburgh Galvanizing furnace.