South Motors BMW Rooftop Canopy

Valmont Coatings - Miami Galvanizing

Hot-dip galvanizing proved to be an easy choice that provided extra protection, low maintenance cost and longevity providing the owner peace of mind the structure will stand strong well into the future.

The owners of South Motors BMW in Miami, Florida were in the middle of constructing a new showroom when they decided to add a canopy to protect their luxurious cars from damage. This canopy would not only add stunning aesthetic appeal to their high-end brand, but also provide a weather barrier from the Florida sun for prospective buyers as they stroll the showcased vehicles.

Walker Design & Construction was chosen because of the company’s expertise in pre-engineered large span structures, turnkey design, and construction. Subcontracted through Miller Construction Company, Walker fabricated a design for bow trusses spanning 120’ and began working on the project.

The canopy is open to the elements along the two low eaves, which exposes multiple structural components to the outdoor environment. After hot-dip galvanizing, the structure received a finished coat of paint to provide further protection and white appearance.

The company in charge of hot-dip galvanizing the canopy had the capabilities of handling these large structural sections at their Miami facility. This was a critical element as the rooftop began construction near the completion of the overall project and required a quick turnaround time. With this in mind, galvanizing eliminated extra labor time for prepping the steel to fabricate and costs of touching up pre-galvanized material.

This canopy will provide South Motors BMW an impressive architectural feature as clients view vehicles available for purchase without the threat of inclement weather. Thanks to the hot-dip galvanizing primer, the duplexed canopy will provide shelter for customers through all types of weather that would wreak havoc on other paint methods.

This project was powered by a CIC Pittsburgh Galvanizing furnace.