Award-Winning AGA Projects

Each year, the American Galvanizers Association (AGA) releases winners of the Annual Excellence in Hot Dip Galvanizing Awards. Over 100 projects are submitted each year, representing a variety of applications of hot-dip galvanizing. The finalists are judged by a panel of architects and engineers.

CIC Pittsburgh is pleased to announce that 13 of the 16 2020 award winning projects used a galvanizing furnace supplied by or significantly updated by CIC Pittsburgh. These posts highlight award winning projects from 2019-2020.

A Tale of Two Bridges

MONTREAL, QC CANADA 2019 Corbec Inc. – Montreal After less than 50 years in service, the busiest bridge in Canada had “an unacceptable and indeterminable risk of catastrophic collapse” due to… 


RENO, NV UNITED STATES 2019 AZZ GALVANIZING – RENO The dimming and glowing of the blooms bring the piece to life. Its beauty is difficult to portray but can best be…