Latest Shipments

CIC Pittsburgh continues to support our customers with high quality industrial furnace products and services. Last week, we shipped a clamshell and furnace for Hot Dip Galvanizing plants. The clamshell provides the operators the ability to spin the product directly over the kettle, allowing the excess zinc to drop back into it, rather than collecting in a pit or on the plant floor.

The furnace is to replace an existing, obsolete unit. It will be used to heat a 33’ long x 5’ wide x 8’ deep kettle. The furnace is equipped with 4 burners and all of the typical CIC Pittsburgh combustion, instrumentation, and control technology to make for an efficient and productive operation. We’ll be installing it next week.

All the while, we continue to service our customers’ furnaces, tuning burners and controllers for optimal performance. The picture shows our work on a 16-burner car bottom furnace.

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