To Repair or Replace?

Industrial furnaces are designed to operate for many years, despite harsh conditions including extreme heat, dirt, noise, vibration, and mechanical abuse. By replacing the consumable and heat-exposed parts, performing routine maintenance, and annually checking and tuning the combustion system, the furnace should be a reliable piece of equipment.

But at some point, the furnace condition degradation will reach a level at which the plant operations and maintenance team will have to decide whether to invest in a restoration or a replacement. These are difficult decision to make.

It is reasonable to expect to have to invest in a refractory reline, as the refractory is continuously exposed to the direct heat along with thermal transients (heat-ups/cool-downs). Also, the control system will become obsolete after 20 years and will need to be replaced. And then there are moving parts, such as doors and seals, that become unreliable after years of operation.

CICPittsburghLLC can help you with a furnace evaluation and economic analysis. For the existing furnace, we can provide the parts, services, and modifications that will keep it running at its best. And if it is determined that it’s just not worth investing in the old furnace, we can provide the replacement furnace.