Leading Furnace Supplier

CICPittsburghLLC is a leading supplier and service provider of hot dip galvanizing equipment, forging and heat treating furnaces, heating equipment and handling transfer equipment. Our team of qualified service professionals can assist you with upgrading to a new industrial furnace, or improve your current furnace operation with solutions for revamps, upgrades, repairs and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

Throughout our service to the industry, CIC Pittsburgh has produced one very important result – Repeat Customers! We are customer-focused and deliver quality products, personal service, and timely support for client success. Our team understands each customer’s unique needs for furnace and equipment upgrades. We’re confident once a customer chooses CIC Pittsburgh, they will keep coming back for additional equipment, our expertise, excellent support, and peace of mind. From design to commissioning, to OEM parts, let our experts help you save time and money.