Eureka Stone Quarry Conveyor

Young Galvanizing, Inc.

They've chosen hot-dip galvanizing for their coating, reflecting a commitment to durability.

For generations, James D. Morrissey, Inc., has been a key player in shaping Eastern Pennsylvania's landscape, contributing significantly to roads and developments throughout the region. Their Chalfont quarry, also serving as Eureka Stone Quarry, Inc.'s headquarters in Warrington Township, PA, is a proud supplier of high-quality aggregates and asphalt to Philadelphia and South Jersey. They needed a heavy-duty solution for an extra-large conveyor and hopper assembly that will provide them with increased production and logistical solutions at their facility.

This colossal project involves the removal of a cliff up to 60’ high and the installation of a covered conveyor system. Necessitating a substantial 406,000 total pounds of steel, including 217-pound per foot beams, all to fortify towering hoppers that sift through large piles of diverse materials. This engineering marvel not only underscores the need for a heavy-duty solution but also showcases the intricate interplay between explosive forces, material dynamics, and the structural strength required for this formidable construction. When designing and building new machinery, they've chosen hot-dip galvanizing as the coating, reflecting a commitment to durability. Eureka's recent investment in a covered conveyor with robust, curved steel beams underscores their dedication to strength and efficiency, set to significantly boost production and enhance competitiveness in the industry. Providing quality aggregates is important in various forms of construction such as contributing to infrastructure development, road construction and parking lots, and in producing building blocks.

In essence, high-quality aggregates and asphalt are integral to the construction and transportation sectors, impacting economic development and community well-being. The judicious choice of quality materials can lead to substantial long-term benefits and cost savings. By opting for hot-dip galvanizing, they not only provide quality products but also protect their investments, ensuring continued excellence for years to come.

This project was powered by CIC Pittsburgh Galvanizing furnace technology.