Gas Flowmeters

Do you have a gas flowmeter on your furnace? Not the meter on the main connection for the entire plant. We’re talking about knowing the specific gas consumption of the furnace.

CIC Pittsburgh can incorporate a gas flowmeter on your furnace. This simple device offers many benefits:

  • It can be used to check the gas bill from the utility company.
  • By tracking fuel usage with productivity (mcf/ton) on a regular basis, it will help to identify if there is something wrong with the combustion system.
  • Fuel usage helps in understanding the total equipment operating cost.
  • Ability to quantitively compare operations with multiple furnaces or multiple plants.
  • Knowing the fuel consumption is important for air permit applications, revisions, and testing.
  • Furnace modifications or operational changes may be measured and/or justified by measured fuel savings, comparing usage before and after the work.